Principal Welcome

Principal Welcome

Principal Postma interactive with students

Welcome to Lansing Christian School!

We are so glad that you found your way to our website. We would love to have you stop by the school, take a tour, and ask as many questions as you like!

Let me emphasize the word community. Your child has the chance to experience learning in an environment that places students in the classrooms of Godly teachers who want nothing more than to see your child grow academically, physically, and spiritually. While many classrooms can offer the first two, we believe that an education at Lansing Christian School is the best place for children to experience spiritual growth and discover their place in God’s world.

It is the best place for kids to become followers of Christ in their daily lives.

We also hope that you find Lansing Christian as your third home, where you can be encouraged and supported by other parents who desire to see their children grow as Jesus did:  “In wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52). While this third home is far from perfect, we do strive to ensure that our interactions are glorifying to God and a witness to the world.

You might ask, "Why would Lansing Christian be my third home instead of a second home?"

We believe that your home is the first family for the faith formation of your children. They first learn to see life through the lens of scripture by way of the interactions in your home. We believe that your church is the second family of faith formation. Through interactions with fellow believers, church leaders, and everyday "heroes of the faith," your children grow more and more into the image of Jesus Christ. They learn how to worship and learn together how to follow our Savior.

It is only in the context of these first two families that Lansing Christian School can operate as your third family. We do not seek to replace the influence of your home; we do not seek to replace the influence of your church.

As your third family, we believe each child is created in God's image and has been given unique talents and abilities. Our experienced, licensed teachers strive to meet the needs of each child academically, spiritually and socially. It is our goal to help your child see ALL of LlFE through the lens of scripture. 

How do we see math differently when we see it through the story of Scripture?
How can an interest in animals bring glory to God?
How can we look at ancient Egypt through the eyes of the one who knows all of history?

Explore our website. Come for a tour. Meet our teachers. Make Lansing Christian your third home!