Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign


God has richly blessed Lansing Christian School with a facility that has served our needs for many years.  Due to the prayers and generosity of the community and by God’s providence we have been able to maintain and update the facility over time.  We added on to the original building as enrollment grew, upgraded to high efficiency lighting, updated computers, digital classroom projectors, added WIFI, and more all with the goal of improving the teaching and learning environment for our students.  

Every so often we take on a larger project that requires the full support and backing of our entire community.  Lansing Christian School is in the middle of a capital campaign to raise funds to continue to repair and renovate the school’s facility.  This campaign was announced in February of 2015 to specifically target 4 key areas of need:

  • Parking Lot – The parking lot on the east side of school has many pot holes and cracks and is in need of a complete replacement.  This project was funded and completed in July 2016.  

  • Tuckpointing – The mortar joints in the original 3 story section in the center of the school require repair to maintain structural stability and to keep moisture out.  This project was funded and completed in July 2016.  

  • Windows - The south facing windows on the 3rd floor have deteriorating frames due to water damage and require replacement.  This project was fully funded and was completed in August 2017.

  • HVAC Upgrades - The school’s original 1941 boiler which supplies heat for the western half of our building is near the end of its long life.  While the classrooms in the eastern half of the building have both heat and air conditioning, the classrooms in the western half of the building presently have heat only..  We would like to replace the boiler with a more energy efficient system that will provide both heat and air conditioning to these classrooms.  This project was fully funded December 2018!

In total, the school will need to raise $700,000 to fully fund all 4 of these projects. 


Pray - We ask that you please keep Lansing Christian School and this campaign in your prayers.   Pray for our students.  Pray for our teachers, staff, administration, and our board.  Pray for our parents, our churches, and our community.  Pray for the many ways God is working in the hearts of everyone involved with this school.  Pray that God would bless this campaign.

Share - We also ask that you share your love for the school with others and tell them about this campaign.  Continue to check in with us here and on Facebook for updates.  These projects will help to allow LCS to continue to provide an excellent environment for Christ-centered education for years to come.

Donate - If you are able to support this campaign financially you may do so by check or credit card.

Click here to donate online.



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