Tuition Reduction

Tuition Reduction

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There are several ways that parents at Lansing Christian reduce the amount of tuition that they have to pay. You are invited to explore one or more of these options.

CART--You buy gift cards to places you already buy from. A portion of your purchase goes to reducing your tuition. Over $21,000 went to parents who used this program last year.

New2You Store--Lansing Christian School helps run a resale store in Lansing near the corner of Torrence Avenue and Ridge Road. Parents do many different tasks at the store (cashier, sort, mop, straighten clothing, etc.). In exchange for volunteering 3 hours per month, New2You pays out an amount each semester that reduces your tuition.

Tuition Assistance--Lansing Christian School maintains a Student Help Fund Committee that meets periodically to consider tuition assistance needs of Lansing Christian School families.

  • This is not a scholarship program as some schools run. This is a need-based program designed to help families that have run into unexpected financial circumstances that make it difficult for them to continue at Lansing Christian School.
  • Typically this Committee considers requests from parents who have been a part of the Lansing Christian School family for at least one school year.
  • We have this requirement because we need to understand what type of family member you are. We tend to give more weight to those families that participate in the life of this school community.
  • The Student Help Fund awards money that has been donated to the school. Some of these are monitary donations, but some are donations that come through users of the CART program or the New2You Store who designate their earnings toward the Student Help Fund.
  • For more information or to apply, please visit the Student Help Fund page