Welcome to the Lansing Christian PreK-3 Program

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Miss Tempelman's PreK-3 Class

Two options for days: 3-days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) or 5-days

Two options for times: mornings (9:00-12:00) or all-day (9:00-3:30)


Students must be 3-years-old by September 1

and be able to use the bathroom on their own.


PreK-3 screening will need to be scheduled.




At Lansing Christian, we provide a Christ-centered education to our youngest students, our preschoolers. Information and experiences are given which will lead them to realize that God knows and cares for them. They are His special children, made in His image, living in His world. All of our curriculum centers around the fact that God has created, and continues to hold, all things. With hearts full of love and thankfulness to our Lord, our students learn to serve Him as they grow and develop in social, academic, physical, emotional, and intellectual skills during their preschool years.

Language Arts: In preschool we read as many as 200 different books! The boys and girls will learn the name and sounds of each alphabet letter. There are many opportunities for writing, drawing, and journaling. We always enjoy making class books together, then taking turns to have the book home overnight to read to our family.

Math: Using many manipulatives, games, center activities, and technology, the students can see God’s great design and order through numbers. Younger students will recognize and count numbers at least to 10, while older ones will count to at least 30, recognize numbers to 20 and write numbers to 10. We all work at basic shapes, sizes, and colors.  

Science: We love to explore God’s world and all things big and small. Some highlights during the year include a visit to a local pet store, a visit to a pumpkin patch, a small animal farm, and a spring field trip to a nearby park. There is so much to discover outside of ourselves as we learn about animals and their homes, seasons, weather and outer space, just to name a few.

Social Studies: The preschool students love to celebrate life and we make a special occasion out of birthdays and other seasonal holidays. Focusing on special parts of God’s world around us, we include our family, school, neighborhood, and country.

Bible: Our curriculum, Walking With God and His People, covers Bible truths from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Our students memorize many Scripture verses throughout the year so that they can keep God’s Word in their hearts, and respond to Him in praise, in prayer, and in practice.

Music: Preschool children enjoy music in the classroom every day and learn to appreciate it as a special gift from God. We learn songs about ourselves, our country, our world, and about our Lord as we explore sounds, instruments and our voices.

Physical Education: With outdoor and indoor facilities available to us, the boys and girls have opportunities to exercise and develop their large and small motor muscles as they build coordination and promote healthy bodies.

Art: Get out your paint shirts -- we do a lot of painting in preschool!  Preschoolers love to explore their world by creating things, and daily opportunities are given for art projects. Students learn to use scissors, glue, paint, watercolors, crayons and other supplies to complete their work.