Bible: In Bible every day we learn about what a great God we have and how He sent His Son to save us.  Learning some passages for memory is part of our work. In our study of Joseph we take a look at Ancient Egypt - each student takes a different aspect as we find out what Ancient Egypt was like. We study the Tabernacle and construct one with sticks, paper, etc.

Language: We talk about homophones and collect as many as we can. Our small dry erase boards get some use as we review nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives.

Reading: We read the novel Sarah, Plain and Tall and we watch the movie. We read the play Little Grunt and the Big Egg in our reading book and act it out.

Social Studies: Our study of three Native American groups includes making totem poles, making a buffalo skin, and writing a story on it using symbols, and making a Navajo necklace. We do an Oregon Trail Trip in the spring. We go to the Field Museum.

Math: We learn the multiplication and division facts. We use the board to work all kinds of problems. We like to do plenty of problem solving.

Science: We go to Sandridge Nature Center in the fall and see the beauty in God’s creation in a different type of setting. Experiments are included in the chapters.

Spelling: Spelling games and a spelling bee are some of the things that we do in spelling.

Penmanship: Writing cursive is learned and practiced in third grade.


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  Maestra Boer's 3rd Spanish Immersion Class