Beach Party

First grade at Lansing Christian offers many opportunities for creative and engaged learning.  Some of our special days and highlights include watching the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly,reading with our reading buddies, performing in our class Christmas play, celebrating the 100th day of school, collecting postcards for the “Me on the Map" project and having an in-school beach party!

Bible: We study the stories of Creation through Daniel in the Old Testament and Matthew through Acts in the New Testament.

Math: The goal of first grade is to have the addition and subtraction facts thru 20 mastered by the end of the year. We also cover place value (tens and ones), and time on the hour and half hour, measurement and money.

Reading: Reading selections is a major component of our reading program. There are also comprehension, vocabulary, and reading skill exercises for the children to work on in relation to these stories.

Phonics: Children learn and master most of the sounds and skills necessary to be able to decode words.This has been a very successful program.

Science: Life cycles, food chains and planets are topics studied by first graders.

Social Studies: We begin our year learning about character traits, virtues, map skills. The “Me on the Map” postcard project rounds out the year. Historical, cultural and current events are studied in between!

Penmanship: We practice letter formation and emphasize neatness.

PE: Learn the techniques of locomotor skills and manipulative skills including running, hopping, skipping, galloping,leaping, jumping, kicking, striking, catching, and throwing.

Spanish: (K-2) Students are introduced to the language.  We learn numbers, colors, and other basic vocabulary such as clothes, food, and animals.

Music: In first grade we emphasize God’s glory through music.  We focus on the development of skills in singing, playing instruments, rhythm, responding to music, expression, movement, coordination, and listening. Emphasis is placed on music from a variety of cultures.  Highlights of the first grade music this year are playing hand bells. 

Library: In Kindergarten through 3rd grade the students come to the library once a week and may check out up to three books at a time. A highlight of the year is hearing many of the Monarch Award books read-aloud and getting to vote for their favorite book in late February.

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Mrs. Tempelman's 1st Grade English Track Class    

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Maestra Arsenault's 1st Grade Spanish Immersion Class